Easter Egg Hunt…

Keep the little ones entertained as they search for delectable Easter goodies

Our BoyZ were born within a period of three and a half years needless to say: life has been more, than a welcome handful ever since. Its great that they are so close in age and have always enjoyed time spent outside together. All of them agree that Easter is their favourite holiday. Not only because of the massive amount of chocolate they get to eat, and lunch is always a big family affair. What I think they like the most, even now in their late teenage years (age 19, 17, 15 )is the Easter egg hunt.

Is there a more magical Autumn holiday than Easter? The little ones are sure to appreciate all the chocolate treats the Easter Bunny has left. Sunday the best one yet. Why not add an extra element of fun by organizing an Easter egg hunt for the children to enjoy.

Don’t forget to hide a little something for yourself, too…

Setting up an Easter egg hunt. An Easter egg hunt is a fairly simple activity — hide some chocolate goodies for the kids to find and you’ll be good to go. However, here are some tips to help make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Indoors or outdoors?

The first thing to consider is where you want to host your Easter egg hunt. If the forecast is looking good, you could set up the trail in your garden. Or, if you don’t have an outside space at home, you could gather some other family friends and all head to your local park.

Of course, there’s inevitably the chance of some rain! But that’s okay, you can create a delightful Easter egg hunt inside, too — either in one room or throughout the house. Indoors, you can make it as easy or challenging as you like.

Planned route, or random forage?

The next aspect to consider is whether you’ll create clues that lead the kids to each Easter egg or dot the treats here and there for them to find.

If you want to plan a route, you can get creative and come up with hints to suit the age group of your children. You can keep it straightforward for the little ones, with clues such as “where we eat dinner” (the dining room table, for example). For older children, you can make the clues more complex and even write your own riddles. With this extra element, the whole family can enjoy a sense of achievement as well as some seasonal snacks. With my children we started in one room in the home and now we have to use all 2000 square meters in the garden, even hiding in the chicken coop, if we dont do this then what should take at least thirty minutes only takes three, and then I am the one who is disappointed.

Give them one clue to start, then hide one by each Easter egg. You might find it helpful to number each clue so everyone knows when they’ve all been found.

What you’ll need

To host your Easter egg hunt, you’ll need to think about how many people will be joining in. The last thing you want is to run out of Easter eggs!

Once you know how many people to cater for, it’s time to gather:

  • Baskets or bags for the kids to collect their chocolates in.
  • Decorations – you may like to add some bunting, signposts or other decorations to help set the scene and brighten up your space.
  • Your Easter egg hunt clues and riddles (if using them).
  • Don’t forget to write down how many you put out, or the dog may end up finding them a week later.

And, of course, you’ll need the core element of the event: delicious Easter treats! You can either select individually-packaged Easter eggs and hide them as they are or go for smaller nibbles hidden inside carrier bag. Colour coded eggs are handy when planning an Easter egg hunt for several children, as you can assign them each a colour. Each child can then search for their own eggs, rather than one person nabbing all of them first!

Delicious Easter treats

So, what to include in your Easter egg hunt? Chocolate is traditional and — we might be biased — but in this case, tradition is a sure-fire winner! Having said that, there are plenty of quirky creations available that bring a new dimension to Easter eggs. Take, for instance, our bunny on a stick gold. or even a bag of Rabbits!

For a full variety, why not take a look at the Abundant easter Hamper? It has everything you need for a joyful Easter egg hunt in one stylish collection.

The only catch we don’t have a solution for yet….. Is how to keep the dogs away from the Easter treats before the children can find them.


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