Chocolate | wine| Riedel Challenge

Whether you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate, even thinking about it can bring a smile to your face. Complementing our wine tasting, we will journey through the rich history of chocolate, discovering how historical practices and traditions have shaped the way we savor it today.

The philosophy behind grape varietal specific glasses is akin to a carpenter building a house: you wouldn’t use a hammer to tighten a screw or a screwdriver to cut wood. Different wine varieties have distinct characters and flavor profiles, and the size and shape of the vessel—whether a Riedel glass or a plastic cup—alter the way your senses perceive the wine. To delve deeper into this philosophy, we will pair each glass of wine with an African origin chocolate truffle, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that highlight the unique qualities of both.

This immersive event promises to deepen your appreciation for fine wines and chocolates, offering insights into their perfect pairing. Savor the experience with wines and chocolates from Africa, Europe, and Asia. You will be treated to an informal but educational chat about the origins and makeup of chocolate, making this a truly enriching and delightful experience.


How it works

What your chocolate wine & Riedel challenge will include:

  • Tasting of Five South African Boutique Wines: Experience the unique flavors and profiles of five carefully selected South African boutique wines, each paired with a complementary African origin chocolate truffle.

    Riedel Glassware Demonstration: Discover how the size and shape of Riedel glassware enhance the tasting experience, with a detailed explanation of the philosophy behind grape varietal specific glasses.

    History of Chocolate Presentation: Learn about the rich history of chocolate, exploring how historical practices and traditions have shaped the way we savor chocolate today.

    Interactive Wine and Chocolate Pairing: Engage in an immersive pairing session where each wine is perfectly matched with a specific chocolate truffle, highlighting the interplay of flavors and enhancing your appreciation for both.

    Informal Educational Chat: Enjoy an informal yet informative discussion about the origins, production, and characteristics of chocolate, enriching your knowledge and making the tasting experience more enjoyable and insightful.


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Take the journey with us and indulge your senses with our various experiences, ranging from food and wine pairings, whiskey and chocolate tastings and you can even learn how to make your very own truffles.


Experience Add-ons

Riedel Glassware

Our gift boxes do not contain any glasses.
If you would like to add any glasses o your experience as gifts,
please have a look at our catalogue, make your choice and we
will add them to the box.

Truffle Gift Boxes

Create a VIP experience by adding a delicious chocolate gift
box.  Whether you’re looking for something small and delicate
or if you have something special in mind, please get in touch
with us.  Our team can make some lovely suggestions.

Grazing Boxes

No need to be concerned about feeding everyone,
you can order each guest one of our amazing grazing boxes
filled with cheeses, cold meats, a selection of fruits and some
delicious treats for those with a sweet tooth.


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