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Dipped & Panned

Dipped & Panned
Dipped and Panned

There are three common methods of coating fruit, nuts, or sweet treats: panning, dipping, or enrobing.

The panning method is used almost exclusively as the ‘gold standard’ of artisan excellence in chocolate making.

Panning is an artisan method of coating used by the ancient Egyptians who discovered that an item, such as a nut, would become uniformly coated if tumbled in a pan while liquid is drizzled onto them. The technique became known as ‘panning’ and modern methods involve a rotating bowl that looks similar to a small cement mixer. Warm white, dark, or milk chocolate is sprayed or poured on the centresof the nut, fruit or sweet treat as they rotate in revolving pans, then cold air is blown into the pan to harden the chocolate. All items are sold by weight, when you place your order just type in the quantity of grams you require, we will do the rest.

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