Luxury Hot Chocolate


Our luxury drinking chocolate, made with grated flakes of 70% dark chocolate and ground chocolate powder and just brimming with the deep flavour of cocoa. For those who prefer theirs not too sweet and packed with a full-on chocolatey taste.  It feels just perfect curled up on the couch, any time of day.


These instructions are a guide only. Per serving: 4 heaped teaspoons (30g) drinking chocolate, 220ml milk.
1. Heat the milk in a saucepan over a medium heat, stirring gently with a whisk until hot but not boiling (you        should see steam rising).  You can use a microwave, just dont let it get too hot.
2. Remove from the stove and add the drinking chocolate to the milk.
3. Bring back to the hob on a medium heat and gently whisk until all the chocolate has melted. Take care not          to boil as this will impair the flavour.
4. Serve and enjoy.


  • Hot Chocolate
  • Luxury dark
  • Mix with milk
  • not too sweet


This isn’t hot chocolate as you know it, this is our specially created drinking chocolate – designed to be less creamy and sweet than the usual drinking chocolate, it’s deeply chocolaty, comforting and full of authentic cocoa flavours. For every mood and every taste.


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