Nut & Whiskey Tasting

Our Nuts about Whiskey experience is a virtual experience and is facilitated by our expert Chocolate Tier at a once off cost of R1600. The virtual experience box costs R510.

With our Whiskey experience, your clients may taste a few that they may  have never tasted before or have not formed part of their collection. Besides…..Whiskey is all the rage right now! With The Chocolate Tier Chocolate and Whisk(e)y Pairings you will sample an excellent range of 5 different Whiskies from around the world as we look at the different countries and the Whiskey each country makes. This experience provides an overview into the world of whisky, touching on history, production process, tasting guidance and flavours. Line-up includes a single malt, blended malt, blend, single pot still and a grain whisky.

This age old  golden liquid is paired with a selection of exotic raw and roasted tree nuts,  participants will get to understand why these taste profiles work so well together.


It’s all in the Box

  • Your five 30ml tasting samples
  • A pipette for controlled adding of water
  • Exotic nut selection for a beautiful marriage
  • A tasting mat with tasting notes
  • An easy to follow set up guide.
  • Your access code to a one hour tasting session presented by our whiskey ambassador.
  • Save 10% on any purchases from the shop for that week.

Nationwide delivery is typically whining 2-4 working days, excluding public holidays.

Should you wish to create more of a VIP experience, select a truffle gift box from our collection, boxes of assorted truffles or a gift option of immaculate Riedel glassware. If it is specialised catering your looking for, we can add our luxury grazing boxes all beautifully packaged. We have something for everyone and will deliver food items within Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Booking Enquiry

Take the journey with us and indulge your senses with our various experiences, ranging from food and wine pairings, whiskey and chocolate tastings and you can even learn how to make your very own truffles.


Experience Add-ons

Riedel Glassware

Our gift boxes do not contain any glasses.
If you would like to add any glasses o your experience as gifts,
please have a look at our catalogue, make your choice and we
will add them to the box.

Truffle Gift Boxes

Create a VIP experience by adding a delicious chocolate gift
box.  Whether you’re looking for something small and delicate
or if you have something special in mind, please get in touch
with us.  Our team can make some lovely suggestions.

Grazing Boxes

No need to be concerned about feeding everyone,
you can order each guest one of our amazing grazing boxes
filled with cheeses, cold meats, a selection of fruits and some
delicious treats for those with a sweet tooth.


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