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Dessert tables are a fun extension of your decor.
This must be my favourite part. Styling a dessert table is so much fun. It is a great place to personalise your day by styling your table to match the rest of your wedding decor.  Wedding dessert tables can be a simple elegant affair or completely outrageous and over the top.

Couples make beautiful displays by staging treats at different heights, adding fresh-cut flowers, and using pretty serving platters. If you love feature walls, behind your dessert table its the perfect place for an eye-catching backdrop.

You can use chocolates and treats as your wedding favours.
If you are at a loss for a wedding favour or you have decided not to do a branded chocolate slab – pre-packaged treats at your dessert table is fun and easy. Or prepare extra items so your guests can pack their own boxes and take a sweet treat home with them, and you don’t have to worry that your wedding favour will get left behind, we all know how much they cost and when they are not appreciated it can be a real downer. You can even carry on with the theme of your wedding and have the take-home boxes match your wedding invitation.

Dessert tables are such a treat. They check off so many things for your special day. There are some great inspirations if you want to see other examples of what you can do with a dessert table at your wedding. Pop through to our Instagram and Facebook pages and get some ideas.  We have personally found that dessert tables for parties and dessert tables for bridal showers are a really good idea to bring people who dont know each other together.

  1. Interactive Experience: Dessert tables engage guests in an interactive dessert adventure, allowing them to indulge their sweet tooth while mingling and exploring everything you have on offer.
  2. Versatile Menu Options: From decadent cakes to bite-sized pastries, dessert tables offer a diverse selection of treats to cater to a range of tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and if you are wondering how much desert tables cost, the answer is as little or much as you have to spend.  Desserts dont have to be completely over the top they can be as simple as a selection of different coloured jelly and custard, how you display them will make all of the difference.
  3. Memory-Making Moments: Sharing desserts with loved ones creates memorable moments and creates connections between your guests, sparking conversations and laughter that will be cherished long after the event.
  4. Flexibility for Dietary Needs: Dessert tables provide flexibility for accommodating dietary restrictions and allergies, offering options such as gluten-free, vegan, or nut-free treats will make sure  that every guest can dig in without worry.
  5. Continued Celebration: The presence of a dessert table extends the celebration beyond the main event, providing guests with a sweet reminder of the joyful occasion as they savor leftover treats or take a favour box of chocolates home or reminisce about their favorite desserts.



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