Gin Box


Savour this trendy box with four Flowstone Gin flavours. They are crafted in the Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site.   Named after the rock formations, these gins embody the African wilderness, infused with bushveld flavours.

  • Bushwillow:
    Woody, nutty, and with our unique African-origin chocolate, it’s great for an indulgent evening.
  • Snuff Box:
    The fruit has an intoxicatingly complex smell that includes notes of cacao and chocolate, burnt caramel and dessert wine intertwined with warm, almost fruity notes.
  • Marula:
    Subtle Marula notes, a floral nose, and a spice backbone perfectly describe this Gin.
  • Wild Cucumber:
    Smooth, fresh and clean to this distinctive and complex cucumber gin.  Clear notes of cucumber combine with an edge of kiwi.  Clear juniper adds middle to high notes.

Paired with our African Origin chocolate truffles selection, this box is a fantastic gift and experience as the master Gin distiller leads you through your tasting.


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Flowstone Gin and Chocolate share a surprisingly intertwined history despite their different natures. Gin’s adaptability with various botanicals and garnishes offers limitless flavour possibilities. Chocolate, too, boasts versatility – from rich to subtle, creamy to textured, spicy to citrusy. We’ve combined these elements to craft an enticing Flowstone Gin and chocolate experience in a box, ensuring you savour a unique home experience.


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