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We need to settle the age-old debate over whether chocolate belongs in the fridge or your cupboard. After being asked this question by one of The Chocolate Tier fans, we think it’s time to put this one to rest.

Chocolate should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as a pantry or cupboard less than 21 degrees Celsius to ensure the quality isn’t compromised. Now most of you will start shouting now and ask me when any part of South Africa is consistently below 21 degrees?  Even in Winter.  In fact, a lot of you tell me how you prefer to keep it in the freezer.  However… we do know that the fridge ruins chocolate, even in a heat wave it is best not to keep your chocolate in a fridge.  If the chocolate is uncovered, you will find it draws in all the smells and flavours from the other foods kept in the fridge.  If you keep it in a sealed container, you may find condensation takes place and as any chocolate lover knows, water and chocolate are NOT the best of friends.

In our opinion there are only two places that chocolate should be stored. In your mouth. In your tummy.


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